The Game Within The Game

Everyone loves a friendly golf scramble…some teams are built to win and others just to have a good time.  ScrambleKing awards your strengths with a point system so you can compete within your foursome to see who is the team’s MVP.

With Tournament Mode enabled, you can use the app to check up to the minute scoring with every team competing in the scramble.  Know where your team stands and just how aggressive you’ll need to play to finish at the top of the Leaderboard!

A simple, clean interface makes ScrambleKing an easy tool to add a whole other level to your traditional golf tournament.  Track who’s shots are getting used.  Prove who carries the team and who is the weak link.  The scoreboard don’t lie.

Key Scoring Plays

The Ways To Win


I Knock the Crap Out of the Ball

Tee Shot Used

Hit it long, straight or both?  You could keep things interesting by controlling the tee box.


This is Target Practice

Fairway to Green

Driver not your best club?  Not to worry.  Use your irons and fairway woods to bury the field and come away with the title.


Tap it In. Just Tap it In.

Make a Key Putt

One-putting is essential to great scramble scoring.  We recommend that anything over an 8 foot putt be awarded Putt Master for the hole.  Be that guy and carry your team (and yourself) to victory.


I Suck at Golf

Knock One Back

Guess what?  You’re still in the race.  Finish a beer on any hole and you add to your score.  Of course, you must be of legal drinking age and arrange for a responsible driver to get you home.  Be safe and have fun!

Tournament Mode

Unlock Tournament Mode and ScrambleKing becomes the social hub for any scramble.  In real time you can check the tournament leaderboard and get an accurate snapshot where your team sits in the standings.  Scoring information is updated to a web leaderboard that can be displayed in the clubhouse or at the turn for volunteers and guests to see.  Your team also has the ability to post a short message, rant or update between holes that can be viewed on the webpage as well.

Activate Tourney Mode

Clean User Interface

ScrambleKing has a single screen scoring system for each hole that doesn’t get in the way of your team’s round.  The goal was to create some friendly competition within the group.  Anyone can say they are carrying the foursome…now you have the stats to back it up!  Long drives, accurate irons, and clutch putting are all valued into your overall score.  And let’s face it…some are there for the happy hour.  So we don’t want to discount the value of the “bad golfer but great guy”.  Points for beers are awarded but be safe about it.  Download the Uber app for a safe ride home and have fun!

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